ALPHA: The World's Smartest Sunglasses

Introducing Trendloader Alpha: A.I. powered smart sunglasses that allow you to control all your tech completely hands-free! 

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Audio & Visual Smart Sunglasses

Built-in HD Camera 

 Live Video Streaming

Share your experience in real-time to Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube at 1080p resolution. Save directly to your phone afterwards.


Never miss a moment, and easily capture images in seconds without having to take our your phone!

Open Ear Technology 

Audio Streaming

Located just above the ear, duel 16mm PI Gene Speakers, TI D-Class Amp, and natural airflow design provide you with high-quality sound. 

Using Open Ear Technology, listen to your favorite music and take or make calls while still being aware of the noises around you! 

A.I. Voice Control 

Hands-Free Experience

Open features on your phone such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Bixby. 

Receive turn-by-turn GPS directions, listen to & send texts, and record voice messages without lifting a finger!  

Additional Features 


Take a photo of the food you want to eat and instantly receive a calorie breakdown.


Look directly at a sign and have the translation read back to you.


Take a photo of the item you're looking to purchase and receive a price comparison.


Track your steps taken, calories burned, average speed, and get live audio updates.

Specs & Comparison 

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Shop With Confidence

We are committed to quality service to our valued customers. To back up our confidence, we happily invite you to a 1 year warranty on your glasses!


What is the maximum range?
You will have a stable connection from up to 50 feet away from your device. For best results, stay within 30 feet from your device.
Can I get my glasses wet?
The glasses are splash resistant but we recommend you avoid wearing the glasses in the rain or submerge under water.
How long do they take to charge?
Just one hour for a full charge.
Can you pair your glasses with devices other than your phone?
Yes, you can! You can pair to devices like tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.
What are some actions the A.I. voice control can carry out?
Making and answering phone calls, taking pictures and video, turn by turn navigation, traffic and weather updates, and more.
How much do they weigh?
Just 48 grams! They feel very light.